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This page will receive various texts connected with works appearing in my programs, and will of course change from time to time, according to needs.


Spanish vocal music (concert Fall 2020, with Clara Meloni)


Descuidado el ruyseñor (Cantata by Nebra)

The nightingale is surprised, as the flamboyant sphere disappears

It does not know Love ! and if it would, its voice would not trill any more

So, it keeps singing sadly…


Con qué la lavaré (Joaquin Rodrigo, 4 madrigals))

How will I wash the skin of my face, since I am punished !

Those who have been chosen wash with lemon water

And I, infortunate, have only worries and pains.

Vos me matasteis

You gave me Death, o maiden with long hair !

On the banks of a river, I saw a virgin so beautiful…

De donde venis, amore

Where do you come from, my love ? I do know very well

Where do you come from, my friend ? I have seen you ! Ah !

De los álamos vengo, madre

I’m coming from the poplars, mother, looking at the wind shaking their branches

I’m coming from the poplars of Seville, to see my sweet lover


At Jerez de la frontera (Joaquin Rodrigo, 3 canciones españolas)

At Jerez de la frontera, there was a honest miller

Who rented a mill to make a living

He was married to a girl, so beautiful that the new judge fell in love with her.

But the girl made fun of him, saying :

Señor, you are generous, and certainly a gentleman !

But I love my miller, and he is the one I chose.


Adela, a pretty girl, fell in love with a young man called Juan,

And she got sick, because she knew that he was courting Dolores, her best friend

As time went by, she got more and more sick, 

Because she knew that this love was going to kill her.


Oh, little apple, why don’t you fall from your tree ?

For all my love, I was hoping to pick you

Look into my heart, you will see to scales of glass

On one desire climbs

On the other, tenderness is descending !





Canciones leonesas (Guy Bovet)

This piece is a commission of the society for the restoration of the historical organ in the cathedral of León, and the songs come from a collection of popular songs from the region. Songs and organ music follow each other without interruption.

Madre, cuando voy a leña

Mother, when I go for wood, I forget about it

There is a girl, living in the neighbourhood,

She makes me climb on the tree and cut a flower for her

And brin git to her balcony, and there I have another flower to pick…

To the Virgen del Camino  

Your forehead is a large field on which my love walk around

Your eyes are two lights for the land and for the sea

They give me light as well, when I come to see the little children

And the forests with the green trees

You are tall and graceful

You are tall and graceful, like your mother

Blessed be the branch coming from the stem !

All through the night I think of you and I die from love

Black-haired and graceful !

This world is a fandango

This world is a fandango, amd people fight in it

The crazy ones work, the clever ones enjoy life

We are sons of work, and our dear father tells us bad words

Because we were born tired

Carabi, carabi, carabi, work, señor, has not been made for me

Hands and body will become worn out

I know a nice tale, and I live in this tale

I have never worked, and feel quite good about it

Si, señor, si señor !

With simple gifts

With simple presents, they come to worship, shepherds and country people

To worship the child from the Portal

They leave their herds and hurry with joyfulness

And the echo repeats their mystical songs.

Joseph and Mary

Joseph and Mary look for a place for the Messiah who is about to come

The night is so dark that one wouldn’t even see God

Come, o child, come on my heart, even simple, it is for you to rest

And I will give you shelter if you don’t find a house.

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