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Some program ideas


During my musical life, I have been interested, at different times, by all kinds of music, which means that I play practically anything. I do like mixed programs !

However, here are some examples of more specialized programs, which I like to suggest presently :


Spanish music

… of course, mostly Baroque, but I do have a special repertoire of little-known Romantic and post-Romantic music, which brings some variety and makes a nice change.


Italian music

In the fall of 2020, I have transcribed the book of Gregorio Strozzi (1615-1687), containing capricci, ricercari, toccatas and dances, for a recording to be made in Spring 2021 for the Italian Swiss radio station on a historic instrument in the Ticino region. Strozzi’s music is very original and often unexpected.

Of course, I also like the 19th-century repertoire inspired by the opera, including pieces by Verdi transcribed during his lifetime by various composers.


German romantics

The 1870 organ by Eberhard Friedrich Walcker of the Collegiate Church in Neuchâtel is presently under restoration and will soon be re-inaugurated. Thinking of this instrument, I have revived the works by Brahms and Schumann, which I particularly love, but there are also the others : Liszt, Mendelssohn and even Karg-Elert.

I play very often organ 4 hands or on 2 organs with Viviane Loriaut, and we do have a large choice of music, including Strawinsky’s Firebird and Mussorgsky’s Pictures of an Exhibition. But we also have Italian and Spanish original music, mostly unknown, and some pieces of my own production like my Don Quixote. We constantly enlarge our repertoire.


Viviane Loriaut

With the splendid cellist Sébastien Singer, we play music from all times : original works or transcriptions, like my version of Franck’s Sonata (for violin and piano), which sound magnificently played on cello and organ (even violinists say so !) And, of course, the entire repertoire for our instruments.


Sébastien Singer


Recently, I inaugurated a duet with the Baroque violinist Hélène Galatea Conrad, whom I knew before she was born (!, her mother is a close friend since we are 20), and who has become an amazing virtuoso. Needless to say, her repertoire is mainly from early times, and I follow her with great pleasure. 

Hélène Conrad, with Chiara Banchini who has been one of my most faithful partners from our student time

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