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The organ greeting you is a typical Neapolitan instrument of 9 stops, built in 1706 (and probably slightly modified later). I bought it from an antique dealer in Florence, and it has been my companion for the largest part of my life, first in the big hall of the Prior’s house at Romainmôtier, Switzerland, where I lived for 30 years, and now in the music room of my residence in Neuchâtel. I have given it to the City of Neuchâtel, to be placed after my death in the Collegiate Church, where it will be part of a magnificent trio, together with the 4-manual masterpiece (1996) of the Manufacture de Saint-Martin, and with the 1870 organ by Eberhard Friedrich Walcker, restored 2020 to 2022 in the shop of Pascal Quoirin at Saint-Didier (France).

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